Silicon Designs Product Datasheets

With nearly 40 years of field-proven global experience in the design, development, and manufacture of commercial and inertial-grade MEMS DC accelerometer modules and chips for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation requirements, Silicon Designs has defined itself as a true industry leader. We pride ourselves on our reputation for R&D excellence, product quality, customer service, and some of the industry's most competitive pricing and lead times. Links to our standard product datasheets may be found below. Needing a little more help? Please contact us anytime via the links below. We'd love to hear from you.

Single Axis Surface Mount Accelerometers
Model 1410 - Digital Density Output Accelerometer

Model 1521High-Stability Accelerometer

Model 1522 - Enhanced Thermal Performance Accelerometer

Model 1525 Low G - Seismic Accelerometer

Model 1525 - Inertial Navigation Accelerometer

Model 1527 - Tactical-Grade Inertial Navigation Accelerometer

Model 1531 - High-Temperature Accelerometer

Q-Module Inertial Navigation Accelerometer Module

Model 2227

Single Axis MEMS DC Accelerometer Modules

Model 2210: Universal Low Cost
Model 2220: Universal High Performance
Model 2260 & 2266: Small Footprint Universal Low Cost
Model 2276: Small Footprint Universal High Performance

Specialty Single Axis MEMS DC Accelerometer Modules

Model 2012: Low-Voltage Specialty

Model 2240: Hermetic Specialty

Triaxial MEMS DC Accelerometer Modules
Model 2460 & 2466: Universal Low Cost
Model 2470 & 2476: Universal High Performance


Specialty Triaxial MEMS DC Accelerometer Modules

Model 2422: Low-Voltage Specialty

Model 2422H: Hermetic Low-Voltage Specialty
Model 2480: Hermetic Specialty

G-Logger Data Acquisition Systems
Model 3330: USB Powered 
Model 3340: Programmable Stand Alone/USB Powered
Model 3330/3340 G-Logger User Manual
Model 3330/3340 G-Logger Software (zip)

EB-J & EB-L Analog Test Sets
2230: Triaxial MEMS DC Accelerometer Mounting Block

2232: Magnetic Mounting Block
2235: Stud Mount Adaptor Block

Sample Single Axis Module Calibration Certificate

Sample Triaxial Module Calibration Certificate

Sample MEMS DC Accelerometer Test Report

Discontinued Products*

  • Model 1010 - Replaced by Model 1410

  • Model 1210/1221 - Replaced by Model 1521

  • Model 1510

  • Model 2010

  • Model 2264

  • Model 2412

  • Model 2420/2430

  • Model 2440/2445

  • Model 3310/3320 G-Logger - Replaced by Model 3330/3340


*Please note, discontinued models typically have suitable equivalents immediately available from within our current offerings. Contact SDI for application support.

In the interests of continuous quality improvements, all Silicon Designs MEMS DC accelerometer module and chip specifications are subject to change without notice.

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