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SDI 3330 G-Logger front
SDI 3330 G-Logger back

SDI's Model 3330 G-Logger® is a low-cost, USB-powered portable data acquisition systems with the same powerful monitoring, FFT analysis, and display capabilities typically found in much more expensive systems.  The 3330 gives users a quick, powerful, and comprehensive real-time data stream with fast setup at a very affordable price.

  • Compatible with all of Silicon Designs industrial accelerometers

  • No additional accelerometer power supply needed

  • Automatic and manual calibration routine

  • +/-1G Flip or manually enter from calibration certificate

  • Adjustable filters and FFT for data analysis in both real time or post collection

  • Three input channels support three 1- axis modules or one 3-axis module

  • 16 Bit sample rates from 1 to 10,000 samples/second per axis

  • Recording feature with playback in multiple speeds

  • Available preconfigured if purchased with a new Silicon Designs accelerometer module

  • Automatic setup in less than 5 minutes includes bias, scale factor, etc.

  • Last configuration stored in memory and available remotely

  • Included software features familiar and convenient UI built using a LabView platform

SDI 3330 G-Logger Datasheet
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The 3330 G-Logger® is an excellent tool for quick and simple evaluation of vibration and movement for use exclusively with SDI accelerometer modules and chips in test sockets.  It features three channels for input, which allows for one tri-axial module or up to three single axis modules, or pair with the SDI EB-L or EB-J Test Set to test surface mount accelerometers.  It also supplies all the power needed for the accelerometers, so no additional power source is needed once the G-Logger is connected to your PC or laptop. 


The included software features a user interface built on a LabView platform.  The 3330 acquires accelerometer data and graphically displays it simultaneously in three different formats, either in real-time or from a previously acquired data file:

  • Data versus time, like an oscilloscope

  • Spectrum, which shows magnitude versus frequency (FFT)

  • Meters, which show current measurements such as DC, RMS, and peaks


Expand or contract the time scale of the display window to see fine details or aggregate data, and pause, fast forward, or rewind the data as desired.  Record directly to a computer or a class 6 or higher SD memory card in 16-bit sample rates from 1 to 10,000 samples/second per axis.  


Automatically or manually configuring the 3330 with SDI accelerometers takes under 5 minutes, or SDI can preconfigure your 3330 at the time of purchase.  The 3330 software automatically populates the standard calibration data for compatible SDI accelerometers, or easily enter the specific data for individual accelerometers for absolute precision.  The 3330 also can perform calibration checks on demand at any time in an accelerometer’s life cycle to verify the calibration data using a simple +/-1G flip. 


Download the complete User Manual for a detailed explanation of all the features and function of the 3330.


SDI Accelerometer Apps



Case Size                            5.5" x 4.25" x 1.5"

Weight                                 275 grams / 9.5 oz.

Case Material                     Die Cast Aluminum, Plastic



Connection                         25 Pin Female D-Sub

USB Connection                 Micro USB (B)

Memory Type                     SD Card, Micro SD w/ Adaptor

Max SD Card Size              32 GB

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Operating Temperature               0°C to +55°C  (max)

Storage Temperature                   -40°C to +85°C (max)

Humidity                                        0% - 90% Non-condensing


Operating Systems                      Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

Host Connection                           USB2 Type A

Power Supply                               Via USB Cable

Max Power Consumption            750 mW

TCP/IP Remote Operation           Network Connection Req.

SDI 3330 G-Logger Datasheet
SDI 3330 G-Logger Quick Start Guide
SDI 3330 G-Logger User Guide


SDI's 3340 G-Logger provides all the same features of the 3330 plus:

  • Powered by USB, AA batteries, or an AC power supply via a USB cable

  • Programmable for scheduled monitoring

  • Event detection and isolation during playback

  • Optional GPS data collection

SDI model 3340 G-Logger DAQ front
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