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For over 35 years, SDI has designed and manufactured industrial-grade surface mount accelerometers for military, inertial, defense, industrial, and R&D applications.  SDI began with an SBIR award in the mid-1980s for a Star Wars program radiation-hardened accelerometer and went on to develop the industrial-grade MEMS DC accelerometers preferred by most defense programs.  Visit SDI's SBIR Awards page to see a list of SDI's 25 completed SBIR awards. 

336419 - Other Guided Missile, Space Vehicle Parts, & Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
334419 - Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
334511 - Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical Mfg.
334519 - Other Measuring and Controlling Devices
334513 - Displaying and Controlling Industrial Process 

SDI has worked extensively with the US Government, its Military divisions, all the Primes, and many subcontractors to support a wide variety of applications, and it now actively supplies both custom and COTS accelerometers to numerous programs and research facilities.

  • Safe & Arm

  • Impact Survival Tests

  • Payload Testing

  • Radome Health Monitoring

  • Military Vehicle & Vessel Design

  • Radar System Sensor

  • Time & Distance

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 

  • Weapons & Munitions Testing

  • Weapons & Craft Navigation


To discuss a new program or for specific information about SDI's experience, existing programs, and capabilities for defense applications, please contact SDI directly with the form below.

Thanks! We'll get right back to you ASAP!

All of SDI's accelerometers are built in its Kirkland, WA USA headquarters, so they're 100% made in the USA.

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