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Silicon Designs was founded in 1983 just outside of Seattle, Washington, USA, with the goal of improving existing accelerometer design standards. At the time, industrial-grade accelerometers were typically bulky, fragile, and expensive. Silicon Designs set out to develop a more compact, sensitive, rugged, effective, and reasonably priced accelerometer using MEMS technology that would provide accuracy down to zero Hz. 

Silicon Designs invests heavily in the research and development of its sensor fabrication and packaging, and these efforts continuously and directly drive improvement in the quality, reliability and performance of its accelerometers. 


With engineering, product development, MEMS sense element fabrication, accelerometer production, testing and calibration all located in the same building, along with its internal sales team, SDI has leveraged the synergies that emerge from the close collaboration of these business units. It's not unheard of for product evolution to happen constantly and organically in excited, idea-filled conversations held in hallways and break rooms, directly derived from customer feedback.  

SDI owns its 60,000 SF building

Since 1983, SDI has continued to improve upon its products, year after year, using this same customer-centric approach to R&D. The results of these efforts can be found within each new successful release of SDI industrial and inertial-grade MEMS DC accelerometer modules and chips, as well as in the company’s continued growth and development.

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