SDI designs and builds a wide range of accelerometers for OEM, inertial, instrumentation, and testing applications. Our rugged, integrated amplification design provides both DC and dynamic response to acceleration. Integrated accelerometer electronics provide a high-level, low-impedance output to minimize environmental noise pickup, and no separate charge amplifiers are needed. A rigorous quality control system and a variety of additional screening options make our accelerometers suitable for high- reliability applications such as space, military, and the aerospace industry. 

Inertial Surface Mount Accelerometers

The Models 1525 and 1527 are best in class, low-cost, integrated accelerometers for use in inertial and zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications requiring high repeatability and low noise.  The 1525 was designed for maximum stability required by industrial-tactical grade inertial applications for -40 to +85°C operation.  The 1527 combines further-improved ruggedized, tactical-grade inertial performance and -55 to +125°C operation.

Each miniature, hermetically sealed package combines a MEMS capacitive sense element and a custom integrated circuit that includes a sense amplifier and differential output stage.  It is relatively insensitive to wide temperature changes and gradients.  Each device is marked with a serial number on its top and bottom surfaces for traceability.  A calibration test sheet is supplied with each unit showing the measured bias, scale factor, linearity, operating current, & frequency response.

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Analog Surface Mount MEMS Accelerometers for Inertial Navigation
  • Highly Rugged and Durable

  • Detect AC, DC (0 Hz), Pulsating & Variable Frequencies

  • Integrated Sensor & Amplifier

  • Built-In DV Self-Test Function

  • Internal Temperature Sensor

  • ±4V Differential Output

  • Withstand 2000+ g Shocks

  • +5 VDC, 6 mA Power

  • Nitrogen Damped

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Calibrated and Serialized

  • 9mm x 9mm x 2.5mm

  • 0.62 Grams Mass

  • RoHS & REACH Compliant

  • Made by SDI in the USA

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Compare to a Quartz Inertial Accelerometer with the SDI Q-Module
Silicon Designs Model 2227 Series.jpg

The 2225 and 2227 Q-Modules combine SDI’s hermetically sealed Model 1525 or 1527 Inertial Navigation MEMS Accelerometer and a high-temperature, open printed circuit board (PCB) specifically designed to give the high stability required for inertial applications.  

This low-mass, low-power module is electrically and mechanically compatible with fixtures and equipment designed for industry-standard quartz accelerometers and intended for use in inertial and tilt applications requiring zero to medium frequency response, excellent long-term bias and scale factor repeatability, and low noise.

SDI's 1525 and 1527 Analog Surface Mount Accelerometers produce a differential +/-4 volts output voltage full scale, the value of which varies with acceleration as shown.

The sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the package, with positive acceleration resulting from a positive force pushing on the bottom of the package. The seismic center is located on a centerline through the dual sense elements and halfway between them. The internal electronics effectively cancel any errors due to rotation. Two reference voltages, +5.0V and +2.5V (nominal), are required; scale factor is ratiometric to the +5.0V reference voltage relative to GND, and both outputs at zero acceleration are nominally 80 mV below the +2.5 volt input.