SDI's G-Logger® Data Acquisition System

The Silicon Designs G-Logger® Data Acquisition System, Models 3330 & 3340, offer end-users a quick, powerful, and comprehensive real-time data stream, with fast setup at an affordable price.

A low-cost, USB-powered portable data acquisition system for all Silicon Designs 8-32 VDC powered MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules, with the same powerful monitoring and FFT analysis and display capabilities as can be typically found in much more expensive systems
  • Compatible with all Silicon Designs 8-32 VDC powered MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules

  • No additional power supply needed

  • Automatic and manual calibration routines. ±1G flip or manual data entry from accelerometer calibration certificate

  • Adjustable filters and FFT, for data analysis in both real-time or post-collection

  • Three (3) unique input channels support three (3) single axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules or one (1) triaxial module

  • 16-bit sample rates from 1 to 10,000 samples/second per axis

  • Recording feature with playback in multiple speeds

  • Available pre-configured, if purchased along with any new Silicon Designs 8-32 VDC accelerometer module(s)

  • Automatic setup in less than five minutes, upon installation of accelerometer modules, e.g., standardized bias, scale factor, etc.

  • Last configuration stored in memory and may be re-synced with host computer

  • Model 3330 is powered by a USB connection with an end-user's PC

  • Model 3340 is powered by a choice of either USB connection, external AC power source, or internal batteries,
    and may be used as a highly portable stand-alone unit.

  • Supplied software's user interface is built on industry standard NI LabView platform, for ease of use