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We'd appreciate knowing which industry best describes your application to help shape our new product R&D.  It's totally anonymous, we promise.

Got it! Thanks for helping us build great accelerometers!

SDI's very first accelerometers were for Aerospace, and SDI continues to support the industry to this day. 

SDI's accelerometers help keep people safe on trains and drivers safe in race cars, while also keeping the roads smooth, heavy machinery working, and freight moving.

High accuracy, even at ulta-low frequencies and g-levels, allow SDI's accelerometers to report both the good and the bad for evaluation.

SDI's accelerometer technology works so well for Automotive applications, it was used with airbags in US-made cars for almost a decade.

SDI's accuracy and reliability make their parts excellent reference accelerometers for proof of concept and evolutionary designs.

Dependable and trustworthy accelerometers are vital in every Defence application, and SDI has decades of experience providing them.  

SDI's accelerometers are well-suited for the harsh environment of MWD, combining high-temperature survivability, rugged durability, and sensitivity.

If something moves half a million tons of steel and concrete, you need the high level of sensitivity and minimal noise that SDI's accelerometers provide to evaluate the danger level.   

Robotics, heavy machinery and preventative maintenance go hand in hand to keep people moving and businesses running.

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