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New Model 1525 Low-G Series Inertial- and Industrial-Grade MEMS DC Accelerometer Chips

Model 1525 Low-G Series Inertial- and Industrial-Grade MEMS DC Accelerometer
SDI's Model 1525 Inertial-Grade Accelerometer

November 2, 2021, Kirkland, Washington, USASilicon Designs, Inc. today announced the global market launch of its Model 1525 Low-G Series MEMS DC accelerometer chips. Stock quantities are now available for immediate customer shipment.

The Model 1525 Low-G Series is designed to offer reliable, accurate, and repeatable low-frequency (including seismic) vibration and acceleration measurements within a variety of commercial- and inertial-grade applications, and particularly, those requiring high-repeatability, premium performance, ultra-low noise, and maximum stability.

The key distinguishing features of the Model 1525 Low-G Series, among comparable industry models, are its highly favorable price-for-performance ratio, excellent in-run bias stability, zero cross-coupling by design, and Allan Variances from 5 µg. Offered in five unique full-scale ranges, each accelerometer within the Model 1525 Low-G Series family incorporates the company’s own high-performance MEMS DC sense element, together with a ±4.0V differential analog output stage, internal temperature sensor, and integral sense amplifier. The accelerometer's capacitive sense element and its internal components are housed together within a compact, hermetically sealed, nitrogen damped, and surface mounted 20-pin JLCC ceramic package (U.S. Export Classification ECCN 7A994) measuring just 0.35 square inches.

Each Model 1525 Low-G Series MEMS DC accelerometer chip is relatively insensitive to wide temperature changes and gradients, including over its standard operating temperature range of -40° C to +85° C. Each device is further marked on its top and bottom surfaces with a serial number for traceability. A calibration test sheet is also supplied with each unit, showing the MEMS DC accelerometer’s measured bias, scale factor, linearity, operating current, and frequency response performance values.

Since 1983, Silicon Designs has been recognized as worldwide industry experts in the design, development and manufacture of highly rugged MEMS DC accelerometers and chips with integrated amplification. All products are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house and in the USA from the company’s own state-of-the-art facility located just outside of Seattle, Washington. In addition, as the OEM of its own MEMS DC accelerometer chips and modules, including in-house wafer production, each Silicon Designs accelerometer within a particular series is made to be virtually identical, thereby allowing for seamless performance upgrades. The company’s fully U.S. based manufacturing approach, including with ISO9001:2015 certified quality management systems, ensures that all Silicon Designs products remain of consistently high-quality, are easily customizable to customer exacting standards, and can be offered with some of the industry’s most competitive pricing and lead times. For additional information on the Model 1525 Low-G Series, or other MEMS DC accelerometer technologies offered by Silicon Designs, please visit

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