Compare Universal MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Modules

All of Silicon Designs high-performance, low-noise universal MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules are based around the same hermetically sealed, nitrogen-damped sensor, providing both DC (constant) and AC (vibration) response. Our custom ASICs allow us to produce a variety of accurate, reliable MEMS capacitive accelerometers, with outputs, sensitivities, and form factors to fit nearly any customer application, whether DC or AC.

The Silicon Designs accelerometer models listed below are virtually interchangeable within their single or triaxial families and g-ranges. Users can count on the same consistent performance, for example, between a Model 2210-025 and Model 2260-025; or, between a Model 2460-002 and Model 2466-002. They all share the same ease-of-use qualities for which Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules are best known, including (but not limited to):

  • +8 to +32V Excitation

  • Supplying both ± 4 V DC Differential Output and 4.5V Single Ended Output

  • Integrated Amplification and Buffered Outputs

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Frequency Response & Sensitivity by G-Range

Frequency response is shown as MINIMUM values, to ensure that accelerometer performance is sufficient for your application. Most accelerometers exceed this minimum greatly. Please contact Silicon Designs if you have exceptional frequency response needs.


All of these SDI accelerometer modules will...

  • Easily withstand intentional and unintentional 2000+ g drop shocks

  • Detect AC, DC (0 Hz), pulsating and variable frequencies

  • Cost less, because Silicon Designs is the accelerometer OEM

  • Obsolete the need for external charge amplifiers, by using a low-impedance output

  • Support self-calibration for quick deployment


See Datasheets for complete accelerometer specifications by model.
Differential sensitivity is shown in the table.  Single ended sensitivity is half of values shown.

All Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometers are made in America at our global corporate headquarters, located just outside of Seattle.



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