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Silicon Designs strives to regularly produce new products to meet our customers' ever-changing needs.  Please do not hesitate to make a suggestion if you think SDI is missing something from its product line.

What's new at SDI?

Model 1510 Vibration Surface Mount Accelerometer
Designed specifically for vibration-focussed applications
Model 1510 Vibration Analog Accelerometer by Silicon Designs
Model 1510
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Responds to DC and AC Acceleration
  • Differential or Single Ended Output
  • 4V Differential
  • 0.5V to 4.5V Single Ended
  • +5 VDC, 6 mA power (typical)
  • -40 to +85*C operation
  • Integrated sensor & amplifier
  • Nitrogen damped & hermetically sealed
  • Serialized

Models 1521 & 1410 High Stability High Performance
Surface Mount Accelerometers
Models 1410 and 1521 High Performance Analog Accelerometers by Silicon Designs
• Bias Calibration Error  0.5 to 1 % of full scale
• Bias Temperature Shift  100 to 200 (ppm of full scale)/C
• Low Noise: 5 μg/Hz typical for 2g Full Scale 
• Responds to DC and AC Acceleration
• -55 to +125C Operation
• Survivability up to +175C
• Excellent EMI Resistance
• Nitrogen Damped & Hermetically Sealed
• RoHS Compliant
• Serialized for Traceability

Model 1521
Model 1410
• 4V Differential Output or 0.5V to 4.5V Single Ended Output
• +5 VDC, 5 mA Power (Typical)
• Integrated Sensor & Amplifier
• Internal Temperature Sensor
• Next Gen Replacement for 1210 and 1221
• Digital Pulse Density Output
• Drop-In Replacement for Model 1010
• Integrated Sensor & Amplifier
• +5 VDC, 2 mA Power (typical)
• TTL/CMOS Compatible

Models 3330 & 3340 G-Logger Data Acquisition System
Models 3330 & 3340 G-Logger are low-cost, USB-powered portable data acquisition systems with the same powerful FFT analysis and display capabilities typically found in much more expensive systems.

Silicon Designs G-Logger DAQ

3330 G-Logger                3340 G-Logger

  • Compatible with all Silicon Designs 8-32 VDC powered accelerometers – no additional power supply needed
  • Automatic and manual calibration routines. +/-1G Flip or manually enter from calibration certificate
  • Adjustable filters and FFT for data analysis in both real time or post collection
  • Three input channels support three single axis modules or one triaxial module
  • 16 Bit sample rates from 1 to 10,000 samples/second per axis
  • Recording feature with playback in multiple speeds
  • Available preconfigured if purchased with a new Silicon Designs 8-32 VDC accelerometer module
  • Automatic setup in under 5 minutes upon installation of Silicon Designs accelerometer modules i.e. standardized bias, scale factor, etc.
  • Last configuration stored in memory and may be re-synced with host computer
  • 3330 is powered by a USB connection with your PC
  • 3340 is powered by USB, external AC power sources, or internal batteries
  • Included software features user interface built on a LabView platform for familiarity and convenience for users

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