Real-World Applications
for Silicon Designs
MEMS Capacitive   Accelerometers

Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometers and chips are used by all four branches of the United States military, NASA, and in the automotive, civil engineering, commercial aviation, transportation, manufacturing, robotics, UAV, and agricultural sectors. Our products have been shot from cannons, dropped from airplanes, and sent into space – all with stellar performance records. Exceptional quality and incomparable tolerances place Silicon Designs products in a class of their own, making them the only choice for any customer who needs their accelerometer to work every time, anywhere, and under almost any conditions.


With their overall versatility and performance, Silicon Designs sensors and chips are used in a wide variety of applications and markets, including:

Weapons & Munitions
Time & Distance

Impact Survival Tests
Drop Tanks

Payload Testing

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)


Testing & Simulations
Air Bag Safety Performance
Crash Event Detection
Drivetrain & Powertrain
NVH & Dynamics Design
Active and Semi-Active Suspension Systems

Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)

Bumper Impact Testing

Vehicle & Component Durability Testing

Ride Quality and Handling


Inertial Navigation

Aircraft Vibration Monitoring

Simulator Controls

Distance & Position Calculation (S&A)

Flight & Flutter

High-Impact Landing Gear Assembly

Commercial UAVs


Rail-Car Sensing

Shipping Monitoring

Dynamic Design

Professional Motorsports

Surface Trauma Identification

Energy & Environmental

Wind Farm Instrumentation

Downhole Drilling

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Seismic Monitoring

Tilt & Vibration Measurement

Meteorological Drones



Consumer Product R&D

Machinery Health Monitoring

Package Integrity

Mechanical Impact Testing