Why Choose Silicon Designs?

With nearly 40 years of proven industry experience in the design, manufacture, and supply of MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, Silicon Designs has long established its reputation as an industry innovator, offering quality products, excellent service, short lead times, and some of the best prices in the marketplace.

Silicon Designs has made a commitment to quality that surpasses industry standards. This can be further demonstrated by our recent achievement of ISO9001:2015 certification. We understand that customer projects are frequently operating on tight schedules, and that a failed part can mean a failed project, or critical time-to-market delay. Therefore, each Silicon Designs MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip and module is tested and calibrated for a problem-free experience. In fact, Silicon Designs routinely performs certain quality tests that no other manufacturer otherwise has the capabilities to perform. Test reports and calibration certificates are also available for, or included with, all of our MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules, with factory recalibration available upon request. Additional testing beyond standard procedures is always available, to help Silicon Designs customers to meet their most stringent design specifications.

Silicon Designs understands that customer service is an integral part of doing business. Each one of our customers deserves and receives the utmost levels of attention, service, and applications engineering support, whether it's a hobbyist looking for a single MEMS chip, or a government agency requesting a 10-year contract. Silicon Designs always work hard to make sure that all customers are informed of all options before purchase; that they choose the optimum part for their application; and that they receive all answers needed to make their application a success.

Customer service at Silicon Designs goes well beyond answering questions: we try to provide the delivery and payment options that our customers need as well. We are capable of providing flexible shipping schedules and multiple payment options. We work with almost every major shipping provider in the world. We work hard to remain agile and responsive to our customers' needs at all times.


As the OEM of our own MEMS capacitive accelerometers and chips, Silicon Designs is in a unique position to provide the very best prices to our customers. At the same time, Silicon Designs has always approached pricing a little differently. Our customers can count on us to consistently offer quality products at reasonable prices, without extra fees or tricky and unnecessary accessories. If we know of a less expensive product that can meet your requirements, we will always suggest it, even if it isn't made by us. We require no minimum order quantities on commercial parts. Quantity discounts on almost all standard models begin at just 10 pieces, allowing customers to save costs on even smaller quantity purchases.